The working principle of the Server CPU Cooling Heat Sink

As with any powerful PC hardware, the CPU generates heat while running and needs to be cooled properly for optimum performance. But what's the best way to keep your CPU running at the desired temperature? How does it work?

At present, there are two main solutions for CPU cooling:

•Water cooling

•Air cooling heat dissipation

Water cooling radiator is a bit like our air conditioning, but the principle is simpler than air conditioning, through the cold head with cooling liquid heat pumped to the cooling fin outside the chassis for cooling, recirculation into. This technology used to be mostly used in cars.

The air-cooled radiator is designed through a large area of heat sink to conduct heat to the surface of the heat sink, and then through the fan for convection exchange. Because the heat sink has a very high density design scheme, so the larger the heat dissipation surface, the higher the heat dissipation efficiency.

Here is the author to introduce PT unique 2U Server Intel PT069 Cpu Processor.


This server CPU cooling is 2U active solution for 2U Server Intel Narrow PT069 Processor. Material included aluminum fins, copper base and 3 heat pipes. The active server CPU heat sink has been 100% tested and validated by PT HEATSINK to ensure the best quality and cooling performance.

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