What is the principle of Water Cooling Heatsink?

Water-cooled heatsink believes everyone won't be strange, it points to liquid-cooled heatsink namely. The biggest window of water-cooled radiator depends on, compared with traditional air-cooled radiator, have stronger ability to come loose heat, effectively solved the problem that summer computer comes loose bad.

Now the price of water cooling heat dissipation is becoming cheaper and cheaper, and gradually popularized. Nowadays, the popular integrated CPU water cooling heatsink adopts water cooling head, water cooling pipe, water cooling row, water cooling liquid, water pump integrated design scheme, convenient installation and use.


The following xiaobian will introduce you to the principle of water cooling radiator and the advantages of PT custom water cooling plate!

Principle of liquid cooling radiator: Complete liquid-cooled radiator system generally by liquid water pipes, circulating water pump pipe and heat exchanger (tank), each of which has its unique role, such as surface plate radiator one made of aluminium or copper aluminum composite internal channels radiator, circulation fluid, the role of liquid through the pump circulation flow in the pipeline, As the liquid absorbs heat from the device, it flows away from the water-cooled block on the device, and the new low-swing circulating liquid continues to absorb heat from the device.

Design flexibility, customized tube shapes, and tube materials options (copper, aluminium and stainless steel) are the advantages of PT cooling plates. Copper, aluminium.stainless steel tubes embedded in the surface of the aluminium plate provide the lowest thermal resistance .the semiconductor mounting surface and the cooling fluid. The tubes can be bent into complex arrays to ensure that the cooling surface is located directly under the semiconductor chip.

We customize all kinds of water cooled plates, such as friction stir welding cooling plate, tube embedded cooling plate, vacuum brazing cold plate etc.If you need any heat sink service, please contact PT.


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