What are the advantages of Extruded heatsinks for CPU Server

Aluminum extrusion technology is a relatively mature TECHNOLOGY in the production process of CPU heat sink, mainly for the processing of aluminum alloy material, because aluminum alloy material density is relatively low, plasticity is relatively strong, suitable for the use of extrusion technology.


Aluminum extrusion technology to put it simply, aluminum ingot heated to about 520-540℃, under high pressure to make the aluminum flow through the groove with the extrusion mold, so that the radiator early embryo, and then the embryo on the radiator cutting, cutting groove and other processing, we made a common radiator. Aluminum extrusion technology is easier to implement, relatively inexpensive equipment, and is widely used in the early low-end market. Commonly used AA6063 aluminum extruded material has good thermal conductivity (about 160-180W/m·K) and machinability.

The characteristics of extrusion type determine that the extrusion type is suitable for large batch, low power consumption, high requirements for product price heat dissipation field. It is mainly used in common CPU radiator, LED low-power lighting and low-power chip heat dissipation, etc. It is a good process choice for mass supply and cost-effective.

Given the lower tooling and manufacturing costs, PT recommends that customers consider customizing extruded parts for all applications to achieve optimal (optimized) performance.

PT also have a wealth of experience is the design and tooling of custom extrusions, so if one of our of-the-shelf solutions doesn’t suit your design we can design one that will. Our highly qualified engineering team will be with you from the design stage through to manufacture to make sure your design is a success.



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