What are the advantages of Anodized Aluminum Extrusions Heat

Because of the particularity of customer products, sometimes customers have some special requirements on the surface of aluminum profile radiator.

For example, radiator of aluminium profile that extruded good, its surface to pass anodizing  (blacken) undertake surface treatment in order to increase the anticorrosion sex of aluminium material, wear resistance and appearance beautiful degree.


Black anodizing alumina extrusion radiator is gradually rising in China, relying on its own 3 advantages:

1. Novel, beautiful, chic, with modern breath.

The oxide layer is transparent and colorless, and the microcrystalline structure is hexagonal honeycomb, which can not only use aluminum to highlight a strong sense of metal, but also give the curtain wall gorgeous color by uniform coloring in the microholes, greatly broadening the application horizon of designers.

2. Safety, environmental protection, energy saving, fashion.

Anodic oxidation of the oxide layer composition for aluminum oxide (Al2O3), is a kind of inorganic, compared with some painted aluminum plate, surface material environmental protection, do not release harmful substances, in case of open fire will not burn, is a safe building materials. Aluminum is the most abundant metal on Earth, and its density is only one-third that of steel.

3. Easy to clean and easy to maintain.

The oxide layer generated by anodic oxidation has anti-pollution ability. The special structure of the oxide layer makes the curtain wall surface not adsorbed dust, leaving no fingerprints, making daily cleaning easier. The dense oxide layer has weather resistance. Oxidation layer has the function of automatic repair, for high-rise buildings, undoubtedly greatly reduce the risk of maintenance.

PT Heatsink also has a wealth of experiences in the design and tooling of custom extrusions, so if one of our off-the-shelf solutions doesn’t suit your design, we can design one that will.


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