What are the process characteristics of bonding fin heatsink?

Bonded fin heatsinks are components of the recessed base that adhere individual heat sinks to the recessed. This type of heat sink manufacturing can achieve higher fin density and fin aspect ratio than extrusion method manufacturing, compared with extrusion heat sink, due to the increased surface area, the thermal performance is greatly improved.


Process features:

1, the production and processing is very elastic, without mold costs, the production of large high-power heat sink;

2, the processing of the bottom plate can be processed for any shape, length, width, height and fin thickness is not limited, and the pattern can be diversified;

3, larger heat transfer area, compared with aluminum extrusion, under the same volume, the heat transfer area can be more than 1 times;

4. With better quality control, the quality of bonded fins is more stable and consistent compared with the insert heatsink, and there will be no peeling and root air barrier

5, the material choice is diverse, the material can be copper or aluminum, or copper aluminum combination, can also be combined with heat pipe and uniform temperature plate, graphite and other new high thermal conductivity materials, but also will not change its original properties:

6, energy saving and environmental protection, natural curing is used in processing, without heating: the material does not need electroplating before bonding, so the cost is relatively low:

7, the surface of the finished product can do a variety of surface treatment, can do conductive oxidation, nickel plating, anode, paint, etc.

8 At present, this process is not high, has been widely used in foreign countries, application fields including the use of strict conditions of military equipment

PT's bonded heat sink can do: beautiful appearance, thermal resistance close to aluminum extrusion. At the same time, the heat pipe is embedded in the substrate to make the temperature more uniform.Any bonded fin heatsinks services, please contact PT sales team.


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