What are the advantages of die-cast aluminum heatsink?

Die cast, this heatsink has been manufactured and used in Europe for more than 60 years, is a widely used heatsink in Europe. Mature technology and process is good for the heatsink manufacturing quality, and the characteristics of oxygen corrosion resistance make it with a good service life, so the reliability is very high.

Die-casting aluminum heatsink with less consumables, easy processing, in the manufacturing of the impact on the environment is small, so this heat dissipation technology is also gradually into China. What are the advantages of die-casting aluminum heatsink?


Eight advantages of die - cast aluminum heatsink

1, light weight, only one third of the weight of the same heat dissipation cast iron heatsink.

2, safe and reliable, heat, thermal conductivity, energy saving and environmental protection, long service life.

3, the surface of degreasing, oxidation after spraying, coating for a long time does not fall off, impact resistance.

4, the style is simple, beautiful, generous but not lose fashion design, small size, light weight, easy installation, inherit the excellent European heatsink production process.                                                                         5.widely used in residential, school, hotel and various office places.

6, beautiful appearance, flexible size. Can be artistic modeling, can also be customized according to the special requirements of special rooms and users, to show the personality; It is very easy to match and coordinate with the room. It is the product of home decoration.

7, die-cast aluminum heatsink overall strength, high working pressure, suitable for high-rise buildings.

8, module combination, simple installation.

PT is a leading manufacturer of aluminum heat sinks that produce all types of communication equipment that are lightweight and resistant to corrosion. We can supply die-cast heatsinks for a variety of applications, including: circuit boards (PC boards), high power lasers, fixtures, enclosures and LED (light emitting diode) boards, audio equipment, automotive equipment, communication equipment (such as cellular and satellite equipment), etc.


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