Method of making a Aluminum Skived fins heatsink for LED Light

High-power LED lighting has the characteristics of high technical requirements, large power and high heat output during work, so the requirements for heat dissipation are more stringent. Most existing LED lights use finned aluminum as a heat sink, which is the most common way to dissipate heat.

Skived fins heatsink can be used as an alternative to extrusion heatsink when looking for fin densities that cannot be achieved by extrusion techniques. Scraped heatsin can be manufactured from copper or aluminum and the fins typically with 0.5 mm thickness, although fins as thin as 0.2 mm can be achieved. In this manufacturing technique, the heat sink is actually carved from the bottom of the heat sink. In the machine, specially designed blades cut the surface into very fine and thin fins at a shallow Angle into thin slices, which are then folded vertically and aligned with the previous fin.


Unlike extrusion heat sinks, cutting fin heat sinks do not rely on tools and multiple steps. Instead, they use a cutting tool that reduces mold costs, improves design flexibility, and speeds prototyping.

Because the heat sink and the heat sink base are part of the same material block, therefore, the chipping heat sink heat sink has excellent thermal conductivity between the heat sink and the base. If desired, Skived heatsinks can also be customized using embedded heat pipes for enhanced performance.


•Higher cooling efficiency and better performance

•Thin fin and high fin density capability

•Reduce mold cost

•Economic copper manufacturing

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