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What's the best material of heatsinks?

Date:2018-06-04 11:41:14

What's the best material of heatsinks?
Is the copper, aluminum or steel best suitable material for heatsinks? 

You know what? Today Pioneer Thermal Heatsinks will introduce some tips to you.

Copper has the highest thermal conductivity, but it dissipates heat slowly. The thermal conductivity of aluminum is lower than that of copper. But it dissipates heat faster. Steel can do nothing. In theory, on the radiator, the copper seat is in direct contact with the heating element, and the radiator plate USES aluminum. That's the best. Similarly, the radiator that USES copper completely needs to add fan commonly. And the radiator that uses aluminium does not need to add fan commonly (also can add effect a bit better).

Aluminum has several advantages over copper: 1. It is light. Cheap. 3. Easy to process. 4. Bigger heat capacity can absorb more heat. 5. Not easy to oxidize.

So light is judged by its material. In addition, your question is radiator, but ask to make radiator pieces (the theory of common radiator can be divided into two parts: heat conduction substrate and radiator fin). So the answer is aluminum is better as a radiator. You can look at the mid - to high-end CPU radiators on many computers. All are copper or heat pipe as heat conduction substrate. Aluminum is used as a heat sink. This is the theoretically optimal combination.

Above are the tips that Pioneer Thermal Heatsinks manufacturer introduces here, if you still don't understand or need, welcome to call us or pay attention to our company website.

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