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China Heat Sink Manufactuer Improve Water Cooling Heatsink Performance

Date:2018-10-12 16:48:29

Recently, two new Tundra RGB series CPU water-cooled heat sinks, TD-02 RGB and TD-03 RGB, have been introduced on the market. The TD-03 RGB uses a 120mm x 120mm single fan design, and the TD-02 RGB uses a 240mm x 120mm dual fan design with a thickness of 32mm. Both support the CPU slots of the LGA115x, LGA2066 and AM4.

Both water-cooled heads feature a ridged aluminum heat sink design for improved heat dissipation. Both fans are equipped with RGB LED lights, and logo-shaped RGB LED lights are designed on the water-cooled head, which is cool. The fan speed is between 600 and 2200 RPM, and the air volume is up to 83.7 CFM. China Heat Sink Manufactuer Improve Water Cooling Heatsink Performance. 

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