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How to classify heatsinks?

Date:2018-07-18 14:28:32

How to classify heatsinks?

When you need to purchase the heatsinks. It's necessialy to know how to classify the heatsinks.

Generally according to the heatsinks processing method, cooling method, application,  materials, power and so on.

1. According to the processing method
There are plug - finger radiator (sheet metal stamping), profile radiator (extruded into profile), insert - piece radiator, casting radiator, etc.

2. According to the cooling method
There are natural cooling radiator, air cooling radiator, liquid cooling radiator (water cooling radiator, oil cooling radiator), cold plate radiator, heat pipe radiator and so on.

3.  According to applications
A power device radiator, radiator module with heat sink, resistance, frequency radiator, radiator chassis integration, integration of motor casing radiator, electric welding machine, heat sink, power supply, graphics card radiator, radiator IT radiator, etc.

4. According to the materials
There are aluminum radiator, copper radiator and steel heatsinks.

5. According to the power

It has low power heatsinks, medium power heatsinks and high power heatsinks.

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