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Custom Aluminum Cold Forged Heatsinks

Custom Aluminum Cold Forged Heatsinks.Materials: aluminum or copper .Manufactured via the cold forging process . The forge process uses high pressure to form the material and provides control over the grain structure to provide superior thermal performance.Cold forging process allows for the use of highly conductivealuminum and copper alloys. LEDs are generally convection cooled and our forged pin fin arrays provide the best possible thermal performance in ambient environments.Fin can be round, square, blade and ellipse fin

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Product Introduction

Cold forged heatsinks is a manufacturing process in which the aluminum or copper heat sink is formed by using localized compressed forces.  Fin arrays are formed by forcing raw material into a molding die by a punch. The process ensures that no air bubbles, porosity or any other impurities are trapped within the material and thus produces exceptionally high quality products.

1.Surface treatment:Anodizing, powder coating, sand blasting, embossed, mill finish, electrophoresis,wooden grain,etc
Various surface treatment according to your requirement!
2.Colors:Champagne,sliver, green, titanium grey, imitating steel, titanic gold, white, green,etc
3.Material: Aluminum profile 6005, 6060, 6061, 6063, 6082,Temper: T5 and T6.

Our heatsink capabilities:
• Extruded aluminum heat sinks
• Bonded fin heat sinks
• Folded fin heat sinks
• Many heat sink finishing options

Our additional services include:
• Thermal application design support
• Custom part reviews 
• Inventory management programs


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