Folded Fin Heat Sinks Folded Fin Heat Sinks
Folded Fin Heat Sinks Folded Fin Heat Sinks

Aluminum folded fin heat sinks

Folded fin heat sinks are manufactured by bending aluminum or copper sheets into a variety of fin-shapes which are often bonded to a separate base .This type of folded fin heat sinks allows the base and the folded fins to be manufactured from difference materials.  

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Product Introduction

Folded fins are created by a progressive stamping method. The fins are then bonded to a base with thermally conductive epoxy, brazing, welding, or similar metallurgical bonds, to create a heat sink. An advantage of folded fin heat sinks is the ability to combine aluminum and copper to tailor the performance of the heat sink to the particular application.

Folded fin heat sinks are best performers if there is ducted air - flow is directed through a duct of some kind directly at the heat sink. Fin pitch can be optimized in the heat sink manufacturing process making it very high performing. Also, because the heat sink material is folded, there can be a increase in surface area over which heat can be dissipated. Fold fin heat sinks have high heat flux density. The drawbacks to this type of heat sink are the cost including manufacturing and ducting necessary in your system. In some cases, plastic can be used to create a folded fin heat sink.

The applications of folded fin heat sinks :
IGBT’s or transistors
Motor drives
Automotive electronics

Heatsink design and analysis
Pioneer Thermal engineers use the latest CFD thermal analysis tools to accurately simulate the thermal behavior of a particular device, board, or chassis. The design and manufacturing team utilize the latest in 3D CAD design tools such as Solidwords, ProE, and AutoCAD to accurately and realistically design thermal solutions, and to insure its fit and function within customer applications.

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