Skived Fin Heatsinks Skived Fin Heatsinks

Aluminum Skived fin HeatSinks

Skived Fin heatsinks can be an alternative to extruded heat sinks when looking for a fin density which can’t be achieved by extrusion technology. Skived heat sinks can be manufactured from either copper or aluminum and usually have 0.5 (0.020”) thick fins.  

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Product Introduction

Skived fins are achieved by a knife tool that literally shaves fins up from an extruded aluminum or copper base. This process of slicing and then standing the fins up one at a time can create an extremely high fin-to-gap aspect ratio. The top of the fins are then cut to maintain a uniform height.  This increased surface area drastically improves the thermal performance in forced airflow environments.

Advantage of Skived Fin HeatSinks:
· High aspect ratio
· Thin fin
· Low tooling cost
· Easy and inexpensive to prototype
· Ideal thermal connectivity with the heat sink base
· Unidirectional flow
· Single piece construction

Skived fin heatsinks are commonly found in the following applications:
Computers and electronic components
Telecommunication equipment
Industrial equipment and components
Lighting lamps and household appliances industry
Automotive components

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