stacked fin heatsink stacked fin heatsink

Aluminum stacked fin heatsink cpu heatsink

Aluminum stacked fin heatsink cpu fan heatsink 1.4 Direct Contact Heat Pipes +Aluminum Fins +fans for CPU cooler 2.4 x Direct Contact heat pipes with patented CDC (Continuous Direct Contact) technology draw heat away from the CPU quickly 3.A wide range PWM fan can be controlled by changing its settings through supported systems or software to suit your noise and performance needs. 4.Pt heatsinks specialize in design and manufacturing high quality heatsinks .Customized service offered  

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Product Introduction

A stacked Fin Heatsink can usually be identified by the zipper fin plates that hold the fins in place, and it is usually very easy to see that the heatsink is two parts - the base, and stamped fin. The Stamped Fin Heatsink;is made using die stamping process;where metal sheets of aluminum or copper are stamped into a particular configuration based on the intended application.

Process: Custom stamping fin, press fit,CNC machining, soldering
Aluminum stacked fin cpu fan heatsink
Application: Customized made pin fin heatsink aluminum extrusion with heat pipe, For VGA cooler, cpu cooler, graphics card cooling fan;

heatsink design and analysis
Pioneer Thermal engineers use the latest CFD thermal analysis tools to accurately simulate the thermal behavior of a particular device, board, or chassis. The design and manufacturing team utilize the latest in 3D CAD design tools such as Solidwords, ProE, and AutoCAD to accurately and realistically design thermal solutions, and to insure its fit and function within customer applications.

Any custom heatsinks and standard heatsinks demand, please contact Pioneer Thermal. We'll reply you within 12 hours.