copper skived heat sinks copper skived heat sinks

Copper Skived Heat Sinks

Skived copper heat sinks deliver maximum heat dissipation in applications with limited space and high levels of ventilation. They are a cost effective solution when considering the low tooling cost and the optimized fin surface area.

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Product Introduction

Skived fins are achieved by a knife tool that literally shaves fins up from an extruded aluminum or copper base. This process of slicing and then standing the fins up one at a time can create an extremely high fin-to-gap aspect ratio. The top of the fins are then cut to maintain a uniform height.  This increased surface area drastically improves the thermal performance in forced airflow environments.

copper Skived  heat sinks are commonly found in the following applications:
Computers and electronic components
Telecommunication equipment
Industrial equipment and components
Lighting lamps and household appliances industry
Automotive components

Design and Manufacture for all kinds of copper skived heat sinks, liquid cooling plate, CNC parts and copper heating pipe etc.

1. Professional Heat sink manufacture in china.

2. We will custom Plastic,Foam,Carton,Wooden Package for the goods.

3. ISO9001,RohS Certificate .

4,Dimensions will check by caliper again before shipping .

5.Servel years experience to Europe,UK, Germany, Italy, Canada, Australia, Middle east area and Asia ect.


Our heat sinks mainly using in servers, drones, test equipments etc.