extruded heat sinks extruded heat sinks
extruded heat sinks extruded heat sinks
extruded heat sinks extruded heat sinks

Cross Cut aluminum extruded Heat Sinks

Cross Cut aluminum extruded Heat Sinks range from BGA, QFP, LCC, LGA, CLCC, TSOP, DIPs, LQFP and many others. PT heatsinks offers a large variety of cross cut heat sinks that can be used in a variety of applications where the direction of the airflow is ambiguous. The cross cut tape on allow for the heat sink to receive air from any direction and can be easily attached to the device by a thermally conductive tape.

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Product Introduction

1. Material: 6063-T5 or 6060 according to request
2. Size: customized
3. Finish treatment: custom anodization (Anodized)

Cross Cut Alunimum extruded Heat Sinks Features and Benefits:
High efficiency cross-cut design provides low pressure drop characteristics
Large surface area increases heat sink performance
Fabricated from extruded aluminum, which minimizes thermal resistance from the base to the fins, reduces weight, and keeps costs low
Provided with pre-assembled high performance thermal tape

Considering the low tooling and manufacturing costs, we recommend customers to consider custom-designed extrusions for all applications to achieve the best (optimized) performance.
Commercial LED Lighting:
Circuit Boards& PCB (PC boards):
Electronic Instrument or Electronic Equipment:
Automotive equipment, NEV (New Energy Vehicles):
applications can be for LED, IGBT, and IC devices or a wide range of other packages for electronics.

Any custom heatsinks and standard heatsinks demand, please contact Pioneer Thermal. We'll reply you within 12 hours.

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