Aluminum Extrusion Heatsinks Aluminum Extrusion Heatsinks
Aluminum Extrusion Heatsinks Aluminum Extrusion Heatsinks

Flat Wide aluminum extrusion Heatsinks

Aluminum extrusions are cost-effective solutions for the majority of electronic cooling applications. Extrusion profiles enable engineers to either select or start their design from a pre-tooled extrusion profile for the cooling solution. PT Aluminum extrusion heatsinks Applications can be for LED, IGBT, and IC devices or a wide range of other packages for electronics.

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Product Introduction

Material: AL6060, AL6063
Process: Extrustions +CNC Machining.
Finish: (degreased) with custom finishes (anodization)
Size:width<600mm,height<300mm ,length custom 
Aluminum material is extruded according to customized shape. It’s a common and mature technique in the market nowadays. Its integrated structure won’t cause any lose of thermal conduction.

The ability of thermal dissipation is better than stamping process. For the extrusion material, only Aluminum could be accepted, copper would be inappropriate. 
Compared with other manufacturing methods, Aluminum extrusion heatsinks offer the following benefits:

Most cost effective
Best thermal performance for forced convection
Extruded from A6063 with high thermal conductivity (209 W/m-K)
Good for medium- to high-airflows
Excellent surface finish and appearance
Length can be customized without new tooling
Secondary operation are easy to achieve
Cross cut extrusions offer omni-directional properties

Considering the low tooling and manufacturing costs, we recommend customers to consider custom-designed extrusions for all applications to achieve the best (optimized) performance.
The purpose of heat sinks are specially designed to extract heat from components in the electronic devices, we accept customized services.