Folded Fin Heat Sinks Folded Fin Heat Sinks
Folded Fin Heat Sinks Folded Fin Heat Sinks

Folded fin heat sinks

Folded fin heat sinks are created by bending a piece of aluminum sheeting in a fan or fin-like structure. This creates heat sinks that have higher aspect ratios and thinner fins than those that can be created by extruded aluminum heatsinks.

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Product Introduction

Folded fin heat sinks are manufactured by bending aluminum or copper sheets into a variety of fin shapes which are then bonded to a separate base.



1.Aluminum: Alu 6063-T6, 6061-T6,7075-T6 etc

2.Stainless steel: 303,304,316, 316L etc

3.Titanium: GT4, TR5, TR2 etc

4.Brass:C95810, C36000  etc

5.Copper, Magnesium alloy, Delrin, PC, Steel.


0.005mm-0.1mm or standard tolerance


Anodizing,electrophoresis, sandblasting,inc/nickel/chrome plating,powder coating, etc


CNC machining, CNC milling and turning, cutting,punching,drilling,tapping, etc


ROHS & ISO 9001


Provide 2D&3D drawing for modifying


1. Lightweight heat fins
2. Reduced material costs
3. Reduce assembly weight
4. Minimize material thickness.
5. Reduce the center spacing of the fins, thereby increasing the number of fins in the width of the unit.
6. Fin height can reach 51 mm (2.0")
7. Minimize the thickness of the base plate.
8. The folding fin modules can be installed on mechanical heat sinks with thermal conductive epoxy resin, brazing, welding or similar metallurgical bonding.


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