Heat pipe assembly Heat pipe assembly
Heat pipe assembly Heat pipe assembly

heat pipe assembly heatsinks

Heat exchangers, such as heat pipe assembly, are often utilized to meet those needs, and have become one of the most popular ways for dealing with electrical waste heat. For example, heat pipes that can be assembled to match any desired plane and angle can also be fashioned to meet almost any application’s performance parameters.  

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Product Introduction

heat pipe assembly heatsinks
Process : Stamping fin + heat pipe insert soldering
Material :AL fin + AL extruded base+heat pipes.

Heat pipes are a transport mechanism to move heat from the hot source to an area where the heat can be dissipated..Custom diameters can be manufactured per customer requirements

One of the most important reasons why heat pipes and other heat exchangers have remained so popular is because of the significant ways in which they transform electrical cooling and thermal management for most common applications. For example, by transferring heat within a heat pipe assembly instead of using air conditioning to blast heat with chilled air, companies can save significant amounts of money on energy costs, space on electrical cooling equipment, and time on system maintenance or repair. They also help companies improve productivity by streamlining operations and reducing interruptions and downtime.

Because every application comes with its own unique parameters, designing heat pipe assemblies for any given one often requires a high level of customization. The pipes should bend, flatten, and/or curve according to the space allotted to it within the application. Their ability to be customized to meet any application’s needs is one of the biggest reasons why heat pipe assemblies are among the most common types of heat exchangers.If you have any needs ,please feel free to contact Pioneer Thermal at any time :

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