LED heatsinks LED heatsinks
LED heatsinks LED heatsinks

LED heatsinks

Cooling, LED heat sink OEM, China LED Heatsinks Manufacturer;LED Heat sink.

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Product Introduction

LED Heat sinks, LED Cooling

 LED Heatsinks, LED cooling

China's top-quality Extrusion Heatsink, LED Heatsinks Design manufacturer, Up to 70% of the energy utilised by an LED is converted into heat rather than light. This makes it paramount that the LED junction temperate and those of the surrounding components operate within manufacturer recommended limits, minimising running costs and maximising product longevity.
At Pioneer Thermal we have supported numerous lighting projects covering interior, exterior, industrial and domestic applications. Our solutions regularly incorporate a combination of cooling methods, often using heat pipes alongside regular LED cooling techniques.

The majority of our applications are custom designs and we have provided solutions for the following:
Street lights
High bay
Stage lights
Strip lighting

Pioneer Thermal Heat Sinks, China Heatsinks Factory:

Pioneer Thermal products mainly include CNC machining, cold forging heatsinks, cold plate, die casting heatsinks, extrusion heatsinks, heatpipe assemblies, skived fin heatsinks, stacked fin heatsinks, folded fin heat sinks

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