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Solder extrusion heatsinks

Extrusion heatsinks profiles range from simple flat back fin structures to complex geometries for optimized cooling and can be used for natural or forced convection with the use of a fan. Additionally, aluminum extrusions utilize the alloys 6063 and 6061 for improved thermal conductivity. To further optimize your heat sink's performance extrusion can be soldered with the aluminum base.

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Product Introduction

Aluminum extrusions are cost-effective solutions for the majority of electronic cooling applications. Extrusion profiles enable engineers to either select or start their design from a pre-tooled extrusion profile for the cooling solution. PT heatsinks Applications can be for Telecommunication, UPS, inverters, controllers, wind power converters, and SVG

1. Material: 6063-T5 or 6060 according to request
2. Size: customized
3. Standard: EN-755-9-2008, DIN ISO 2768
4.manufacturing process: Extrusions +CNC machining + soldering
6.Finish treatment: custom anodization

Considering the low tooling and manufacturing costs, we recommend customers to consider custom-designed extrusions for all applications to achieve the best (optimized) performance.

The mainly application for extrusion heatsinks are :
Commercial LED Lighting:
Circuit Boards& PCB (PC boards):
Electronic Instrument or Electronic Equipment:
Automotive equipment, NEV (New Energy Vehicles):
Applications can be for LED, IGBT, and IC devices or a wide range of other packages for electronics.

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