liquid cold plates liquid cold plates
liquid cold plates liquid cold plates

Stainless tube embedded liquid cold plates

Stainless tube embedded liquid cold plates.PT cold plate technologies range from tubed cold plates and flat tube cold plates to performance-fin cold plates and liquid-cooled chassis. In a world of compact designs with increasing power densities, cold plates are satisfying demanding contact cooling requirements in applications as diverse as high-powered electronics, lasers, power drives, medical equipment, and military and aerospace. For high watt densities, when air-cooled heat sinks are inadequate, liquid cold plates are the ideal high-performance heat transfer solution.  

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Product Introduction

Liquid Cold plates are a critical component of a liquid cooled system. 15 years experience in heatsinks enable us to develop and produce more efficient and compact cooling for extremely high heat loads while still maintaining design flexibility and reducing costs.
When convection air cooling isn’t capable of removing the heat load necessary to keep electronics under their safe maximum operating temperature, single phase liquid cooling solutions offer a high level of performance. Liquid-cooled cold plates are commonly used for high heat flux or high power electronics cooling applications.

There are several thermal/mechanical advantages of a cold plate solution:
High heat transfer coefficient (h)
High heat load and heat flux capacity
Adaptable to any temperature range

Cold plate design and analysis
Pioneer Thermal engineers use the latest CFD thermal analysis tools to accurately simulate the thermal behavior of a particular device, board, or chassis. The design and manufacturing team utilize the latest in 3D CAD design tools such as Solidwords, ProE, and AutoCAD to accurately and realistically design thermal solutions, and to insure its fit and function within customer applications.

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