New Energy Heat Sink For Electric Vehicle
New Energy Heat Sink For Electric Vehicle
New Energy Heat Sink For Electric Vehicle
Model liquid cold plate heat sink
Material AL6063-T5
Finish degrease
Delivery time sample 2 weeks, production 3-4 weeks

Product Introduction

The friction stir welding, FSW for short, is a new development of friction welding method, it can reliable.for varied weld ability poor nonferrous metal and other material. The joint technology is simple and technology adaptability is quite good in the friction stir welding. Different material can be FSW together, such as die cast ADC12 can be FSW to AL6063.

Maximum size of FSW cold plate we can do up to 1000*800mm.

For aluminum FSW cold plate, depth can reach to 25mm

For copper FSW cold plate, depth can reach to 17mm.

Friction Stir Welding liquid cold plate process:

Available heat sink process of Pioneer Thermal:

Main Process Extrusion Bonded Fins Skived Fins Snapped Fins Folded Fins Heat Pipes
Cold Forging Die Casting FSW cold plate Gun drill cold plate Vacuum brazing cold plate Vapor chamber
Finishing Processes CNC machining Drilling Tapping Stamping Anodizing Screen printing
Powder coating Laser etching Polishing Electrophoresis E-coating
Finishing Value Added Embedded fans Thermal Greases Screws Springs Clips Embedded heat pipes
Phase change materials Back plates Gap filler pads PEMs Standoffs Dielectric pads

Pioneer Thermal Quality Assurance:

Pioneer Thermal will do the quality control from incoming material to heat sink shipped, if customer find any defect parts when received the goods, we will send note.

Inspection tool of Pioneer Thermal:

Heat sink dimension
CMM Projector
Heat sink performance
Salt Spray Tester Pressure Tester Clip Force Tester .Tester Helium Leakage Tester
Heat sink reliability
Wind Tunnel On Line Thermal Tester HP Qmax Tester HP Delta T Tester Thermal Shock High Temperature Aging Chamber

Pioneer Thermal R&D:

Our seasoned professionals can model and critique the thermal implications of your design using Icepak, Flotherm, CFD, Solidworks, ProE, and AutoCAD.  We can manage your thermal needs from the conceptual design stage, through prototypes and into production, which enable us to be your “one-stop” shop for quality thermal solutions, delivered on time and at competitive prices.

About Pioneer Thermal:

As a heat sink manufacturer in China, Pioneer Thermal is certified with ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS16949 with 7500 square meter facility, and has a dedicated quality assurance department with full CMM capabilities. We are focused on providing advanced technology, superior customer service and outstanding value to our industry partners.

Pioneer Thermal has more than 18 years experience in heat sink design and manufacturing, our process includes CNC machining, cold forging heatsinks (also known as pin fin heat sink), cold plate heatsinks, die casting heatsinks, extrusion heatsinks, heatpipe assemblies, skived fin heatsinks, stacked fin heatsinks, folded fin heatsinks etc. If you need any heat sink service, please contact Pioneer Thermal.


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