CNC Machining Design
CNC Machining Design
CNC Machining Design
Description We can manufacture OEM CNC parts as per your idea, design drawing.sample. Free design in product and one stop solution from conceptual design to finished product.

Product Introduction

PT Heatsink has established more than 16 years experiences of manufacturing heat sink products, we have innovative technique in heat sink manufacturing. We have devoted ourselves to provide the high quality and efficient service to our domestic and overseas customers. Nowadays, we have long term cooperation with many famous customers and kept good relationships with them. We are committed to become a global supplier of the heatsinks and CNC components.

Heatsink R&D Advantages:

We provide free thermal analysis, simulation, sample test and thermal solution. Our prototype design process:

Any custom heatsinks.standard heatsinks demand, please contact PT Heatsink. We'll reply you within 12 hours.


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